ODL Frankfurt at Border:None Conference and ODL Admin Meetup in Nuremberg

We'll attend both the Border:None conference and the ODL Admin Meetup in Nuremberg, Germany, October 25th/26th 2013. Yay!

Well well, is really just one year that the OpenDeviceLab idea started? Much has happened and will continue to do so. LabUp just released theses figures: 70 Labs across 22 countries give access to 1111 devices. We happen to be at the Border:None Conference in Nuremberg, which is organized by Joschi (of ODL Nuremberg fame) and Mr I make cool conferences happen Marc Thiele (who some of you who are not living under a stone may happen to know. Maybe. :-) And since we're in town already, we decided to attend the ODL Admin Meetup on Saturday, and I think we'll be at the conference warm-up as well. So plenty of chances to chat us up and connect. See you there!