Houston, we have a logo

After a rather long round of tossing ideas around and acomplishing nothing, eh, brainstorming, for, like, weeks, suddenly we found ourself faced with a deadline: If we wanted to enjoy the generous promo offer by Moo Printing and Beyond Tellerrand and get us a bunch of nifty business cards for free, we needed artwork, and we needed it quick.

Ah, the sweet productivity that comes from pressure: finally the ideas fell in place and with a little help of some icons I put together a "skyline", reminding of our hometown's very own, consisting of sweet little mobile devices. Equipped with that, we put together some designs for the cards and two hours nine minutes before the offer ended, we had the files uploaded to Moo's. Whee.

Here's a sneak peek of the card's front side:

Our backsides, uhm, we like to hide for a while. :-)